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We are involved in diverse aspects of residential, commercial and industrial development projects. Our services include:

Our Services

  • Site Identification
  • Acquisition and Disposal of sites
  • Market appraisal and feasibility study
  • Land and Property consultancy
  • Management of contractors
  • Advice on town planning and other statutory requirements
  • Development and project consulting


Property solutions offers auctioneering services to clients involving disposal of both movable and immovable assets as listed here:

  • Land and buildings
  • Building materials and equipement
  • Plant and machinery
  • Office furniture and eqipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Household goods
  • Concessions
  • Other wide-ranging goods.

Property Valuation Services

We offer valuation services for a wide range of purposes which include the following:

  • Purchase and sale valuation
  • Valuation for mortgage purposes
  • Rental determinations and assessments
  • Deceased estate valuations
  • Feasibility study for projects and subdivisions
  • Valuation of furniture, fixtures, trade stocks and vehicles
  • Plant and equipment valuations
  • Valuation for insurance purposes
  • Investments valuations
  • Valuation for rating and taxing purposes
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Property Management Services

1. Letting Services

Management of properties for a commission based of tariffs

2. Rent Negotiations and Lease Agreements

We offer this service fr either owned or leased property. This service ensures that the investor gets the best out of his investment. Conversely rentals which lately have become a major expense are effectively managed for the tenant.

3. Facilities management

The company will manage service providers that provide service to the tenant.


Sales Agency(Purchase or Sale) Services

We act o the instructions of the seller or buyer to acquire or dispose of immovable property accordingly.

Buying or selling on behalf of the client is done on commission as per the recommended Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe (R.E.I.Z.) or Estate Agents Council (E.A.C.) tariff.

Our duties will include:

  • Inspecting subject properties including taking photos
  • Market valuation of properties to establish market price
  • Sales arrangement and assisting sellers to prepare the property for marketing
  • Advertising the propeties
  • Showing the properties, qualifying buyers and taking offers

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